advent coat

Full disclosure: I hate shopping. I know, I know... fashion blogger that doesn't like shopping, how weird. But it's pretty much the worst outside of important things that are actually the worst. This ritual of going store to store in hopes of finding something that doesn't suck on endless racks of things that are awful in quality, design and fit is terribly unappealing. However -- vintage shopping is the one time I'm sort of ok with this ritual. Maybe it's because vintage shopping feels more like a quest through past treasures that yields some extraordinary finds. So when I saw this coat in my local Bushwick vintage store, Urban Jungle, I knew immediately it had to be mine. It's got this Kate Hudson in Almost Famous thing going on (her coat was the only good part of that movie) and it was a grand total of $30. Yes, vintage shopping does nicely. oh and the pendant necklaces were hand-made by me.  。◕‿◕。

vintage coat . zara leatherette pants . kurisuti pendant necklaces . tom ford sunglasses

lovin' blogs with bloglovin'

This is just a guesstimate but I'm pretty sure there are, approximately, 3.5 gajillion blogs in the world. I didn't do an official study, but I'd say that's accurate. I have no idea how I'd stay up to speed with any of them without Bloglovin'

For Blog READERS...

Bloglovin's network is incredible. Since so many blogs now have Bloglovin', you can follow all your favorites plus find new ones that appeal to your interests and aesthetic that you wouldn't have had the chance to discover otherwise.

Signing up is as easy as this:

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after that, all the blogs you follow get consolidated in a handy list where you can click through and find the posts that are most interesting and relevant to you. Here's an example of my Bloglovin' list of followed blogs:

you can keep track of all your favorite posts by clicking on the little heart at the bottom of the post:

every post you "like" will be consolidated under the "liked posts" tab so you can go back to them for future reference:

If you happen to be a BLOGGER in addition to a Blog READER, Bloglovin' is a must for you! Bloglovin' drives massive amounts of traffic to blogs each and every day because it keeps your followers updated when you post. Most blogs get more traffic from Bloglovin' alone than from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest COMBINED. 

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I simply had to share my love for this fantastic site and I hope you've found this information helpful! If you have any questions, I'm happy to answer them. Ask below in the comments and be sure to leave an email address or twitter handle where I can respond to you.

- Kristy

weapons and silverware

Exciting things are afoot not the least of which is Vogue Gone Rogue coming off its mini hiatus and my first collection soon to be available for purchase right here! The collection is titled "Weapons and Silverware." Each piece of jewelry has been hand-sculpted and hand-finished by me personally and cast in white brass with your choice of finish. The entire line is in the vein of that whole cute/violent/weird/sexy/relaxed style aesthetic I enjoy
As a fun little teaser, I've released the first two pieces of the collection (pictured above) for purchase on Etsy For questions, feel free to email me at And to stay abreast of news, you can connect with me via Facebook or Pose.

bushwick zoo

there is a realm that happens to be and it is located somewhere between reality and dreams. the way to get there changes constantly and no one knows its exact location. but it is as real and as unreal as anything else that exists or doesn't. two girls visited this realm. they frolicked in their newfound state of existence and played with the dismemberment of dolls, as little girls tend to do sometimes.

bushwick zoo is happening this saturday, so get ready. in case you're not sure what i'm talking about, allow me to explain. bushwick zoo is bushwick, brooklyn's very own fashion weekend and it is completely unlike your typical fashion events. featuring a variety of local designers and creative types, this weekend will be about celebrating all things on the other side of expected.

the events will be centered around The Living Gallery at The Loom in bushwick, (follow them on Facebook to stay informed on all of their amazing upcoming events).  there will be live painting, bands, art installations, food and of course, various interpretations of fashion. find out more here.

hope to see you there and if you can't make it, i'll have photographs and first-hand details of everything that went on right here next week.

(photographs by Matt Ellis, styling/hair/make up/props by Nyssa Frank and myself, photo editing by me. Special Thanks to Mike Garcia and Chrissy Kovascics without whom this shoot would have been far less magical. I'll be posting extra photos, behind-the-scenes shots and outtakes on facebook so stay tuned here)